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Hot.MT is Malta’s leading online gaming hub, which brings different gamers within the Maltese Islands together.

Our vision is to offers Maltese gamers a way to connect with each other more effectively. We aim to achieve this by acting as a bridge between the different social media platforms, thereby acting as a main hub and merging the different platforms which gamers use. We believe this will make it easier for Maltese gamers to get the attention that they deserve.

Furthermore, we are fans of E-Sports. In this respect, we carry out ongoing analysis of the international E-Sports scene with special attention to Maltese players. Through this hub, we will be giving Maltese gamers participating in the international and local E-Sports scene visibility.

We also believe that game streaming should be given the importance it deserves. Local streamers are listed on this hub in order to give them visibility, which is particularly important for emerging streamers.

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