Ben Wa Balls may be known by other names such as Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, or Geisha balls. Their origin is uncertain. Originally, Ben Wa balls consisted of only one ball, but then evolved to have multiple balls. A means by which to remove the Ben Wa Balls was later added.

As we know them today, Ben Wa Balls come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Probably the most common type of Ben Wa Balls you will find would made out of a flexible plastic casing encapsulating two balls made out of hard plastic. The balls might sometimes have a small weight inside them, which would be able to roll around freely. Larger Ben Wa Balls may also be found. These would contain Duotone balls.


Types of balls

Ben Wa Balls come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Balls can be mainly categorized into two: those which are used for Kegel exercises and those used as a sex toy. While keeping this in mind, most Ben Wa Balls can be used for either purpose. However, its good to note that there are some balls that are specialized for Kegel exercises and other balls specialized solely to be used as sex toys.

The material used is one of the determining factors which affects overall experience. The material also affects the difficulty of holding the ball in the vagina. Traditionally, Ben Wa Balls would have been made out of solid metal. Stainless steel may be more difficult to hold and better suited to more advanced users, while Silicone covered plastic is usually easier to hold in.

Glass balls are often the easiest to clean before and after using them. This convenience can be a deciding factor for some, as difficulty cleaning the balls might lead to stopping using them altogether. Nowadays, probably the most common type of material used is plastic.

Duotone Balls

This class of balls is commonly made out of either silicone or hollow plastic. They sometimes come with a 7 to 10 inch nylon cord, which is attached to the balls. This makes removing the balls from the vagina easier. Their inside would be hollow, with another small ball or weight inside them. This smaller ball or weight may be made out of metal or plastic. Some may also have more than one ball or weight inside them. This creates a vibrating sensation during movement of your body.

Kegel Balls

The Kegel balls are usually coated with a layer of silicone. Due to their use, they are constructed in order to be more rigid than Duotone balls. They are also bigger when compared to Ben Wa Balls or Duotone Balls. This doesn’t mean that Kegel balls can’t be used for sexual pleasure. I fact, the Lelo Luna Beads can be used for Kegel exercises, as well as pleasure.

Some Kegel balls offer the possibility of changing their weight. Weight can be increased over time as you perform Kegel exercises, so that your muscles would be able to adopt for more weight over time, thereby further strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Vibrating Balls

If normal Ben Wa Balls are too mainstream for you, Ben Wa Balls can also come with an inbuilt vibrator. The vibrator is controlled by means of a controller which can be either attached directly to the Ben Wa Balls through a wire, or by means of a wireless controller. The wired controller may prove to be uncomfortable and unpractical if you plan to use it outside. On the other hand, the wireless controller is great for being used outdoors, as it is discreet and you won’t have any wires hanging out of your vagina.

String or No String

Ben Wa Balls can also be categorized depending on whether they are connected via a string or via a silicone sheathing. In general, cleaning balls which are connected to each other makes cleaning them more difficult than loose balls. Furthermore, balls which are connected with a string are very difficult to clean since the string can easily hold bacteria. Thus, we advise against getting balls connected with a string. On the other hand, loose balls without being connected to each other are much more difficult to remove from the vagina.

If you want something which is easier to clean while still having the balls attached is to get Ben Wa Balls with a silicone sheathing and having the balls removable. This will allow you to wash the balls individually while also being a breeze to clean.

Cleaning them

Ben Wa Balls should be generally easy to clean. Plastic Ben Wa Balls with removable balls are the ideal for cleaning. By being able to remove the balls from their casing, you will be able properly rinse each ball and the casing with warm water and soap, thus making sure that the toys are very clean. Sex toy cleaning products may also be used for cleaning.

For hygienic purposes, we advise against buying Ben Wa Balls made out of any type of metal. This is because metals are susceptible to rust over time, which might lead to infections.

In general, you can follow the following fool proof instructions below to keep your Ben Wa Balls clean:

Using tap water

1.) Get warm water running. The water shouldn’t be too hot as this will damage the plastic. Cold water is good as well.

2.) Place your Ben Wa Balls under the running water and rub gently.

3.) Add soap

4.) Rinse again with water to remove the soap

5.) Dry the toy well with a towel, making sure that no water remains on the toy.

6.) Optionally leave the toy on briefly a counter or table to make sure that the toy has dried well.

7.) Store the toy in a protective pouch and tuck away securely.

Using sex toy cleaning products

1.) Get a damp cloth and spray the cleaning product on the cloth.

2.) Scrub the Ben Wa Balls gently with the cloth.

3.) Once the toy is clean, rinse the toy under water.

4.) Dry it with a towel and make sure that no water is left on the toy.

5.) Optionally leave the toy briefly on a counter or table to make sure that it has dried well.

6.) Store the toy in a protective pouch and tuck away securely.

Using them

The most two common reasons why Ben Wa Balls are used is to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles via Kegel exercises and for sexual pleasure. It is scientifically proven that by performing Kegel exercises, your pelvic floor muscles will strengthen. This has various health benefits such as improving sexual performance and stopping mild urinary incontinence, such as that which occurs while coughing, laughing, or sneezing. Performing Kegel exercises is pretty straight forward:

1.) Lie on your back or do this process while standing up. Most women will find that lying on their back is the best way to insert the Ben Wa Balls.

2.) Insert the Ben Wa Balls in your vagina. If you are finding it difficult to insert the Ben Wa Balls, some women find that lubricating the Ben Wa Balls before inserting them makes it easier to insert them.

3.) Once the they are properly inserted, you can then wear your clothes and go on about performing your daily routine.

4.) Try to keep the balls inside as much as you can by using your pelvic floor muscles. For beginners, this is no easy task. It is normal for beginners to only be able to hold the Ben Wa Balls inside of them for a few minutes only. By repeating this exercise daily or weekly, you will start to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, thereby being able to hold the Ben Wa Balls inside of you for longer. Eventually, you should be able to keep them inside as much as you want.

Ben Wa Balls are also great to use as sex toys. There are various scenarios where the Ben Wa Balls would serve as the ideal toy. You can try wearing them when going for a walk or have them in you while driving. The movement of your body will in turn make the weights in the Ben Wa Balls move, thus providing an awesome sensation in your vagina.

How do they feel?

The aim of most Ben Wa Balls is to provide a vibrating feeling when you move. This is achieved when the weights found in the balls move freely when you move. The movement of the weights creates the vibration, which you will feel inside the vagina.

Most women say that they indeed like the sensation given by the movement of weights inside the balls. Some women also like the feeling of the Ben Wa Balls giving them the sensation the vagina filled with the Ben Wa Balls.