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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare January 7 update, New Shipment playlist and Gun Game mode

As part of the January 7 update, Activision have introduced a 5v5 Shipment map, an update to Gunfight and a new Gun Game mode.

You can now play in what was back in the days one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. Shipment is composed of a very small map consisting of several shipping containers spread out on a field. It is located somewhere in the USSR and is so small that having more than four players in the same map resulted in total chaos.

As a result of its size, players spawn very close to their opponents, making it very likely that the opponents are going to camp at the spawning point.

Although Shipment was made available late last year, developer Infinity Ward only introduced the 5v5 Shipment 24/7 playlist on January 7. This addition came as a replacement to the outgoing Shoot House playlist, which is another one of our favourite small maps.  

Further to the new playlist, a new game mode has also been added. Gun Game has now replaced Grind, which is only available for an unspecified limited time. A new version of Gunfight has also made its way in the new update, pitting one player against another in a 1v1 battle.  However, 2v2 Gunfight is still available to play should you fancy that instead of 1v1.

Finally, double XP will be activated on January 10 until 13 January.