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DDR5 RAM coming in 2021

Looks like the next generation of RAM, DDR5, is just around the corner. Samsung has announced that they should be starting production of new DDR5 RAM sticks in 2021.

How DDR5 RAM might look like

The production of the DDR5 RAM will make use of a new manufacturing technique called ultraviolet lithography, or EUVL. Following the successful implementation of this production process for DDR4 RAM, DDR5 RAM production will continue to make use of this manufacturing process.

Executive vice-president at Samsung, Jung-bae Lee, said the following:

“With the production of our new EUV-based DRAM, we are demonstrating our full commitment toward providing revolutionary DRAM solutions in support of our global IT customers. This major advancement underscores how we will continue contributing to global IT innovation through timely development of leading-edge process technologies and next-generation memory products for the premium memory market.”

Following this push from Samsung, we’ll be seeing other manufacturers also moving towards the production of DDR5 RAM. This will result in DDR5 possibly becoming the standard in late 2021 and early 2022.