Durex Condoms

Originally producing a range of condoms, Durex moved on to sell other sex related items such as vibrators, lubricants and more. Durex is no small brand in the sex market, totalling a whopping 30% condom market share across the globe.

In fact, in 2006, Durex condoms were the second best-selling condom brand in the US, only to be topped by Trojan. The DuREx brand stands for the words Durability, Reliability and Excellence.

The Durex company started in 1915 by the London Rubber Company in the UK and in 1950 Durex released its first lubricated condoms to the general public. In 1996, Durex was the first condom brand to launch an online website. After 2007, production in the UK stopped as production was moved over to China, India and Thailand.

Due to how popular the Durex brand is, you will be able to find Durex’s products all over the world, especially in airports and pharmacies. Online retailers, such as Amazon and the official Durex website, also sell Durex products with Amazon delivering to a wide variety of countries.

The Durability of Durex condoms are generally of an excellent quality. Other products offered by Durex, such as vibrators and lubricants are also of a very high quality and can be compared to some of the best brands out there. However, Durex sex toys might not bring as much innovation to the table as some other sex toy brands. Still, Durex does offer some affordable sex toys which offer great bang for your buck.