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How to quickly level up in Call of Duty: Warzone (March 2020 update)

Call of Duty: Warzone relies on the levelling system in order to enable you to choose more weapons, which might better suite your gaming style.

This has always been the case with previous Call of Duty games, where you have to gain experience points in order to unlock more goodies online.

In this guide, I will going through the various methods which you can adopt to level up faster. I have adopted this guide based on various methods which other players have found useful and handpicked the ones which I though proved to be the most effective.

Complete daily challenges

Daily challenges are changed on a daily basis and completing these challenges will give you extra XP which you’d otherwise not get from a normal match.

Some challenges might be harder than other, so make sure to channel your effort to first complete the easier ones. Sometimes, challenges might require you to get a number of kills with a grenade. These are quite easy to do and do not require much effort.

Play Plunder rather than Battle Royale

In Plunder, you will be able to get more kills and perform more tasks in the match, which will help you gain more XP when compared to a Battle Royale match.

However, if you are a good player and consistently finish within the top group in a Battle Royale game, then you might still get a sizeable amount of XP from the Battle Royale mode.

However, in general, there is more potential to get higher XP from a Plunder match as compared to a Battle Royale match.

Focus on getting kills with a particular weapon

Depending on the number of kills you get, you will increase both your XP, as well as your weapon XP. The more you kill, the more XP you get.

Although you can do this both in Battle Royale and in Plunder, in Plunder you are naturally able to get much more kills. In Plunder, you will also be able to focus on a particular weapon, making it easier to level up your weapon of choice.

Loot better weapons from dead players

When on lower levels, you might not have the better weapons unlocked. Other players within the match will have better weapons unlocked. When these players are killed, you will be able to loot their weapons from the ground.

By looting these better weapons, it will make it easier for you to perform more kills. These better weapons might have a better scope, more firing power, better accuracy and sometimes even an infrared scope.

Double XP period

In certain periods, Double XP periods become available, which let you level up at twice the speed. These are usually made available on weekends and public holidays.

By playing during these periods, your XP and weapon XP will increase at double the rate.

Get the Battlepass

The last option, which is not free, is to get the Battlepass. By getting the Battlepass, you will get a 10% XP boost, which will make levelling up that much faster.