Dildos made out of glass are amazing. In this article, I will go into the reasons why you should own a dildo made out of glass, how glass dildos are made, whether glass is safe to insert into your body, and how to properly wash and maintain a glass dildo.

Glass dildos are becoming more popular

We believe there are 10 main reasons for glass dildos becoming popular these days:

  1. Durability
  2. Can be washed very easily.
  3. The feel of silky smooth glass on the sensitive parts of your body is unbeatable.
  4. The rigidity of glass.
  5. Can be cooled or warmed easily and quickly.
  6. They can look really nice since glass can be formed into any shape and can be given different shades of colors.


Owning a glass dildo

A glass dildo can offer a different sensational experience when compared to other dildos made out of plastic due to its texture and firmness. Most dildos which are made out of glass are very easy to clean since the surface is flat. Good quality glass dildos that are well taken care of can last a very long time. Sometimes they may last a lifetime.


How are glass dildos made?

Dildos are often manufactured using the traditional technique for producing glass objects. The raw materials are transported to a furnace and placed inside the furnace. Soda-lime glass is a type of raw material which is often used. The type of furnace used depends on the scale of production. After the raw materials are melted and the bubbles are removed, the glass is formed. Through specific blowing and pressing methods, the shape of the glass is formed. However, there are various techniques which can be used to shape glass and the technique used will depend on the manufacturer.

When the desired shape is obtained, stresses are removed from the glass to increase its hardness and durability. Other processes may be involved in order to improve the durability of the glass, as well as its strength.


Is a glass dildo safe to use for sex?

There are a lot of glass dildos which are generally safe to use on the market place. If you want an extra piece of mind, I suggest that you check whether we have reviewed a particular dildo before purchasing. I will be reviewing different glass dildos in the future, and thus you will be able to make your purchasing decision based on my review.

However, the advantages of having a dildo made out of glass instead of plastic is that glass is very hygienic and easy to clean. Glass dildos are generally very solid, especially if you go for more expensive and durable glass. If a glass dildo eventually gets some cracks, it is best to dispose of it since bacteria may enter into the cracked area.


No one hand-made glass dildo is the same

Just like hand-made glass vases, hand-made glass dildos are all unique. This is because hand-made glass requires a real human being which skilfully crafts the piece of glass by hand. This presents small differences between one dildo and another.


Warming and cooling a glass dildo

Unlike other dildos, glass dildos can be easily heated to high temperatures or cooled to low temperatures. This can be done safely by using the following method:

  • Set your tap water to either run hot or cold water, depending on your preference.
  • Place the glass dildo underneath the running water for a minute or two.
  • Touch the glass to see that you have reached the desired temperature.

It is important to never heat a glass dildo in a microwave or oven, and to never place the glass dildo in a freezer. Also make sure that before using a glass dildo, the temperature of the dildo is safe to use on sensitive areas: a dildo which is to hot or too cold can hurt you or your partner.


Why should I warm a glass dildo?

A warm glass dildo feels inviting… sensitive… it feels good.

Sliding a warm glass dildo over your clitoris and labia will engorge them with blood much quicker, making them much more sensitive to the touch, helping them swell faster and the natural lubrication will begin to flow so much quicker. In summary, its the shortest route to an orgasm.

Why should I cool a glass dildo?

On the other side of the spectrum is a cold glass dildo. This will calm the blood vessels, making them constrict and settling down the nerves. This can be ideal when the clitoris has become over-sensitive, usually after orgasm.


Will a glass dildo break inside me?

It is highly improbable that a glass dildo will actually break inside you. Glass dildos are usually made out of thick glass which is very hard to break, unless the glass dildo is already cracked or has been dropped. However, not all glass dildos are the same. If your dildo has thin areas, I advise against inserting the thin area. The general rule is that the thicker the glass, the less the risk of breaking.


What if I am allergic?

The advantage of glass dildos is that they are very easy to sterilise and keep clean. Just wash with warm water and soap. Glass is also ‘hypoallergenic’, which means that glass dildos are completely safe to use.


Is the decoration and colouring safe?

As long as the color is embedded into the glass and not on the surface, then they are generally safe to use. If you see that the color is painted onto the surface, I suggest you skip the dildo and choose another. You can check our reviews to see good dildos which you can buy.

Can I use a lubricant?

Since glass dildos are not porous, you are free to use any lubricant you like. Although lubrication is not necessary, should you want to use a lubricant, I suggest a high quality water based lube.

How do I clean a glass dildo?

As discussed in previous chapters of this article, glass dildos are really easy to take care of and clean. Remember that taking good care of your collection will reward you with many years of great pleasure.

Here are a few useful tips:

  • A sex toy cleaner can be used to clean your glass dildo.
  • I recommend going the cheaper route and just using soap and water. Just remember to rinse the glass dildo well under running warm water.
  • If you are too lazy to clean it yourself, you can also put the dildo in the dishwasher.
  • When you are not using your glass dildo, I suggest to you place it in a protective case, preferably having some padding so that should the dildo fall to the fall or bash against other stuff, the glass will not crack on impact.