Today I will be reviewing one of Doc Johnson’s best selling vibrators: The Velvet Touch Vibe. Here’s a little background about Doc Johnson: The company is based in California and was founded in 1976 by a certain chap called Reuben Sturman together with another chap Ron Braverman. Nowadays, the company is managed by Braverman and his son Chad. Doc Johnson is one of the world’s largest sex toy manufacturer, with the majority of their products being produced in North Hollywood, California. Back to the vibrator, Doc Johnson’s Velvet Touch Vibe is a no-frills traditional vibrator. It has no special textures or bumps, just a simple and smooth design. I will be looking at its design, feel, build quality, and functionality.

Product description

Get satisfied the perfect way with the Velvet Desire. This classically styled vibrator features an incredibly smooth texture, like the velvet it’s named for. The tapered shape is ideal for almost any kind of stimulation, clitoral, l or , and the nonporous plastic material is hygienic and body safe. The base has a simple dial control that lets you vary the vibration speed to customize the speed and level of sensation, and even at the high setting, this vibe is quiet and discreet. You can take the Velvet into the tub or shower, because it’s totally waterproof for wet fun. Use a water based lube for best results, and enjoy. Takes 2 AA batteries (sold separately).


The Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator comes in three different colours: Black, Dusty Rose red, or velvet. While the black colour is discreet, the dusty rose and the velvet look better, with the dusty rose being the most colourful while the velvet being a bit muted. Should you want a colour which doesn’t stand out, black is the way to go.

The vibrator has a very simple design, being 7 inches tall and no bumps or particular textures. The base is made out of transparent hard plastic, which can be rotated to increase or decrease speed. The base is also removable to access the batteries. When opened, you will find that the vibrator is empty in the middle.

The size is compact. It can be easily transported in a hand-bag or small bag. Although its not as discreet, as say, a pocket vibrator, it is nevertheless quite surprising at how compact this vibrator is.


The simple soft plastic feels of high quality. The plastic has no flex whatsoever. Due to the soft plastic, the vibrator feels silky to the touch. Turning the speed knob at the bottom of the vibrator is very easy, and the speed changes progressively depending on how much you rotate the knob.

The vibration intensity is satisfying without it being too much. Rotate the knob all the way, and the vibrations can get pretty intense.

The device is light without any batteries, however, it gains a bit of weight when you add the batteries in. The weight adds a satisfying feel to the vibrator.

Build quality

Being manufactured by Doc Johnson, which is one of the leading sex toy manufacturers on the planet, we expect the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator manufactured to a high quality. This vibrator, in fact, didn’t disappoint at all. This vibrator feels like a much more expensive vibrator. The plastics are very sturdy, the speed knob has a nice resistance to it, and the cap fastens tightly to the rest of the vibrator, rendering it practically waterproof. You can use this thing in the shower without any problem.

When being used, the motor doesn’t get warm very much and during normal operation, the vibrator is generally pleasant to use without getting too warm that it gets uncomfortable.


Functionality is pretty straight forward, rotate the knob at the bottom of the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator to increase its intensity. The knob does not click, it rotates smoothly, and the intensity increases as the knob is rotated.


The Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator is one of the best all-round vibrators you can buy. It is very cheap to buy, yet it delivers an overall great package of build quality, satisfaction and portability. Since the vibrator is compact, it can be used as a travel companion. The Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator is also ideal for those who have never used a vibrator before. It is not big that it is overwhelming to use, rather, its the perfect size. This makes the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator a must-have vibrator for anyone to add to their collection.