Adorime’s rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular affordable rabbit vibrators. If you don’t believe me, it is marked as #1 Best Seller vibrator on Amazon. It has a sleek and modern design, with subtle curves all round. While it only comes in pink, the colour makes it look very feminine, with a small chrome accent at the bottom end of the vibrator where the controls lie.

I ordered my unit from for $25.99. It came just after 2 days, well packaged in the usual Amazon cardboard box. When opened, you will find another discreet cardboard box. Inside this box, you will then find the vibrator’s box. In case you’re worried that someone might notice you bought a vibrator, I can assure you that you won’t be able to tell that a vibrator was inside the box, as it was well packaged with no wording on the labels suggesting as to the contents inside.

Inside the retail box, you’ll find the vibrator together a small manual, which I found to be useless, a small carrying pouch, which is a nice touch if you’re going to carry the vibrator around and a USB cable to charge the vibrator.



Product description

Private Packing & After-Sales Warranty – Discreet packing ensure your privacy problem. High quality design of the g-spot vibrator support 30 day no hassle money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Superior FDA Food Medical Grade Silicone, Safe and Skin-Friendly – Adorime Rabbit vibrator is made of medical grade silicone, 100% matched to human body, odor-free and feeling like real skin.

Easy to Use and Clean – With the push of a button this rabbit vibrator / Vibrant / vibrate hums to life. Vibrating rapidly yet quiet as a whisper. Thanks to the premium medical grade silicone, cleaning couldn’t be easier.

100% Waterproof & Magnetic Rechargeable Design – with a rechargeable vibrator, you can just charge the rabbit vibrator with the attached USB cable. The silicone seamless body enable g-spot vibrator to be 100% waterproof, antimicrobial and to be cleaned easily.

Super Powerful Vibration With 7 Modes – 2 powerful import motors can be used at the same time to stimulate your G-spot, clitoris and maximize your pleasure no matter what mood you are in! Whether you like slow and steady vibes or strong and steady pulses.



The Adorime rabbit vibrator is very well designed with sleek curves and also has a popping colour. The tip of the vibrator is curved slightly, making it easy to reach your g-spot when inserted into the vagina. I have managed to get multiple orgasms when inserted into my vagina, as the g-spot is so easy to reach with this vibrator.

The front of the vibrator easily reached my clitoris while the longer end was inserted into my vagina without much fuss. Unfortunately, there are no bunny ears on this vibrator like you get on other traditionally shaped rabbit vibrators, which is kind of a bummer since you are unable to lift the clitoral hood for direct contact with the clitoris.


Build quality

The build quality is very good indeed. The vibrator is made out of hard plastic which has a velvety texture to it. It sports a unibody with no creases or gaps. In fact, this vibrator is marketed as waterproof.

I have used it while taking a shower and can attest that this vibrator can be used next to water. The controls are actually part of the body of the vibrator, thus they won’t be affected by any water.

Since this vibrator is rechargeable, there is no way to remove the batteries. To recharge it, you just connect the vibrator to its included USB charger and voila’. It is connected by means of two waterproof pins at the side of the vibrator.

The chrome trim around the buttons is a bit of a let down as it looks cheap and I’m afraid that the chrome will peel away after some time using the vibrator. 



The vibrator has a good heft to it: its weight is just right, not too heavy nor too light. This makes it a blast to hold and you will be able to hold this for hours on end without your hand getting tired.

The plastic has a velvet texture. When in contact with the skin, the vibrator just glides over. This texture also suits the style of this vibrator very well.

Various vibration settings and patterns can be chosen by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the vibrator. The first button changes the speed of the vibrations, while the second button changes the pattern of the vibrations. There is only one direction for changing the speed or the pattern. If you want to change to the fourth pattern, then you will have to press the button four times. The buttons have good feedback when pressed, providing a satisfying click.

The vibrations vary from mild to strong, offering very positive and satisfying vibrations. Vibrations are in fact felt in the vagina as well as on the clitoris.



This is one of the best rabbit vibrators I have owned. Sure, it does not have the rabbit ears and the chrome bordering the buttons looks cheap. But otherwise, this is a great overall package, providing great build quality, offering multiple settings and providing strong and consistent vibrations. Being waterproof, the vibrator is also the ideal toy for using in the bathroom or at the pool.