These are the best sex machines you can buy for 2018.


Sex machines are remote controlled sex toys that will emulate sexual penetration depending on the setting chosen. A sex machine is made up of several components, namely a motor which is controlled via a remote control, a rod which is attached to the motor and a dildo which is attached to the rod. However, if you are here I assume you are already familiar with sex machines.

Due to sex machines being made of several different components, buying a good sex machine is difficult if you do not know what you should look out for. Most sex machines will come with a dildo, however, it is important to check whether the dildo is of good quality and whether it can be detached from the rod. The quality of the materials used for the rod is also important. Furthermore, one should also check the quality of the motor. Some motors may be too fast, making them unsafe for use. Other motors might heat up very quickly, while certain motors may not be made of good quality materials and will break after some use. Portability and storage of the sex machine is also a determining factor, as if space is limited, then a big sex machine would not be ideal.

A sex machine is not cheap to buy. Therefore, most people would only get one sex machine at a time. This means that choosing the ideal sex machine for you is very important.

Best Budget Sex Machine

This sex machine comes with a dildo, vagina sleeve and a bullet vibrator. Priced at $139.99, it is one of the cheaper machines available. It is also one of the smallest sex machine we’ve seen, which is good for storing in limited spaces. Furthermore, the motor supports various speed.

The sex machine does come with various downsides though, which is to be expected at this low price. The motor is not very strong, so if you’d like a stronger motor which can go fast, this might not be the best choice for you. The machine is also difficult to adjust.

However, if you’re on a budget and you don’t need very fast thrusting, then this machine offers a very solid package indeed within this price range.

Best Sex Machine Overall

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is the best overall sex machine money can buy. Coming in at a respectable $418.88, the Hismith is not cheap by any means. However, it makes up for the price with the build quality and ease of adjustment. Different sex positions can be emulated with this sex machine, such as doggy style, missionary and standing. This is possible because of the positioning and adjustment possibilities of the legs. There are 2 legs, one at the front and another at the back of the machine. By sliding either one or both of the legs up or down, you’ll be able to quickly adjust the angle of the machine, allowing for different sex positions. Once secured, the legs are very secure: the machine doesn’t wiggle about during use.

The quality of the metals used are of a very good quality. The motor is also very good, providing satisfying and consistent thrusts. We were also impressed at how quiet the motor is. Hismith claims that the motor should on average generate 43.8 decibels , which is the same level as the noise of a refrigerator. Maintenance of the motor is very easy, as the motor is visible and can be easily removed from the rest of the machine. A good quality 8″ dildo is also provided with the machine.

Best Expensive Sex Machine


The Cloud 9 Novelties F Machine is the highest quality sex machine I’ve tested to date. The motor is very strong and provides a linear thrust, with the speed varying depending on what is chosen on the wired remote control which goes up to 240 revolutions per minute. The Cloud 9 is painted black with 2 legs at both ends of the machine. They can be adjusted just like the Hismith’s legs, thus making it possible to position the machine at various angles. The motor is easily accessible.

The machine comes with a very large power adapter which is plugged to the mains. The controller is plugged into the power adapter. The noise level of the motor is similar to that of the Hismith.

However, this all comes at a very expensive price of $599.00. If budget is not a problem and you’d like the best there is on the market, this device will fit your bill. However, the Hismith is similar in specs and construction and should be enough for most people, while also being cheaper.


Buying a sex machine is not a cheap affair. With $139.99, you’ll get yourself a fairly good sex machine, however you’ll have to make do with various compromises. The Hismith being the overall best machine costs more than double that, coming in at $418.99. At this price point, you’ll be looking at a sex machine that is highly repairable, easy to adjust and repair. It also has a great motor, great build quality and is very flexible to adjust to your liking.

Ultimately, a machine like the Hismith would most probably serve a lifetime, thus we believe going for the Hismith would be the best choice for most people.