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New Snipers Only Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

New snipers only mode in battle royale and Prop Hunt game mode when playing Standoff in the Crash map.

Activitision have introduced Prop Hunt in the Standoff mode in the Crash map. As a result, you can play as a prop in a game of hide and seek. Activision has released this new update for a limited period of time.

As part of the January 7 update, the developer has introduced a new scorestreak. Players can claim the new scorestreak by completing a list of challenges, such as playing a few matches and winning matches.

Finally, a new Snipers Only mode has been introduced to Battle Royale where players can only use either a pistol or a sniper rifle. The game lasts 10 minutes.

Players can obtain an Arctic .50 sniper can during the Battle Royale game via periodic airdrops taking place during the game. By looting from the airdrops, players will be able to have a competitive edge.