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PlayStation 5 – Buy in Malta

These are the top places where you can buy the new PlayStation 5 console if you currently live in Malta.

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The PlayStation 5, released in holiday season 2020, is Sony’s latest PlayStation gaming console. It follows the very successful PlayStation 4 console.

The new PlayStation 5 console sports improved hardware, with support for up to 8k and 120Hz gaming. Through backwards compatibility, you are also able to play your PlayStation 4 games on the new PlayStation 5.

A revised PS controller complements Sony’s new console, with various new technologies, such as haptic feedback and improved vibrations, which will deliver a more immersive gaming experience when compared to the outgoing PS4 controller.

Where to buy

If you are in a hurry

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend you buy the new PS5 from the following stores:

1. Forestals

The Forestals showroom in Mriehel.

2. Scan Malta

The Scan showroom in Birkirkara.

If you want the best after-sales

If you want the best after-sales service and you can wait a week, we highly recommend you buy your console from Amazon. When buying through Amazon, if you encounter any issues with your new PS5, you can return it under warranty (which is 2 years in Europe). Amazon will give you a refund for the return shipping. They will also give a full refund of the PS5 or will offer to send a brand new replacement of the console.

1. Amazon

The Amazon logo.