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PlayStation 5 Pre-order, starting at €399.99

An insanely competitive package that is hard not to consider.

Sony has announced the prices of the new PlayStation 5 consoles. For the first time, Sony has split the PlayStation consoles in two: A digital version with no optical disc support, and a version which supports optical discs.


The new pricing of the PlayStation 5 digital edition is €399.99, whilst the other version supporting optical discs is priced at €499.99.

As a result of a difference in price of €100, it is hard to recommend going for the optical disc support if you actively purchase your games from the PlayStation Store.


Pre-orders of the new PlayStation 5 has started upon the pricing announcement. Thus, you can immediately proceed with pre-ordering the new PlayStation 5.

If you live in Malta, the best place to pre-order the PlayStation 5 is from Amazon DE by clicking the following link.

The advantage of pre-ordering from Amazon is taking advantage of excellent customer service and more stock availability.

Update: Due to a high number of pre-orders, it might be difficult to place one as a result of a limited volume of supply. I recommend you use the Amazon link above, due to the higher volumes that they would be able to order.