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Razer Tomahawk Elite PC Gaming Case

Built upon a heritage of high-performance gaming gear and designed for PC building enthusiasts, the Razer Tomahawk Elite is an advanced PC chassis that’s engineered to accommodate the most demanding high-end components and extreme builds. This the cornerstone of your battlestation.

Razer is a company known for various components aimed at gamers. Nevertheless, it has never released its very own PC Gaming case. This will all change with the announcement of various new PC gaming cases, one of which is the Razer Tomahawk Elite. And this case has me excited.

Announced during CES 2019, this new gaming PC case is a mid-tower PC case, with some crazy stuff, one of which I have never seen before in any PC case. The side panels. Yes, they open upwards by means of hydraulics, just like the doors in a Tesla Model X. When opening the side panels, the top panel will also rise upwards. This is so that there will be enough clearance between the side panels and the top panel.

The side panels and top panel are made out of tempered glass following the trend in 2019 gaming PC cases. On the up side, this lets you show off your components bundled with RGB lighting. I also like the fact that the top panel is also made out of tempered glass.

The layout of the ATX in this case is inverted, meaning that the components will be upside down, the motherboard being visible from the right hand side of the case, as opposed to other cases where the motherboard is visible from the left hand side of the case. According to Razer, this results in better cooling efficiency of components. Furthermore, the back fan is now placed at the bottom of the case, rather than at the top.

The case will come with inbuilt liquid cooling, custom developed by EK Waterblocks specifically for this case model. The liquid cooling solution will attach to the CPU and the GPU.

Although the case was announced during CES 2019, it has not yet made its way to production. Various sources have been indicating a possible release in Quarter 3 of 2020.