2018 Summer Casual Strap Down Flounce Dress with Floral Pattern

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The perfect dress for summer.

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Look great in this sexy and stylish floral dress. Great to be worn for a casual sunny day, such as when going shopping, to the beach, or on holiday. Its lightweight and durable material make it ideal for warm temperatures.

Size Bust Waist HIP Length
S 92cm/36.2″ 95cm/37.4″ 102cm/40.2″ 70cm/27.6″
M 98cm/38.6″ 100cm/39.4″ 108cm/42.5″ 71cm/28.0″
L 104cm/40.9″ 105cm/41.3″ 114cm/44.9″ 72cm/28.3″
XL 110cm/43.3″ 110cm/43.3″ 120cm/47.2″ 73cm/28.7″


Size:S Bust:92cm/36.2″ Waist:95cm/37.4″ HIP:102cm/40.2″ Length:70cm/27.6″
Size:M Bust:98cm/38.6″ Waist:100cm/39.4″ HIP:108cm/42.5″ Length:71cm/28.0″
Size:L Bust:104cm/40.9″ Waist:105cm/41.3″ HIP:114cm/44.9″ Length:72cm/28.3″
Size:XL Bust:110cm/43.3″ Waist:110cm/43.3″ HIP:120cm/47.2″ Length:73cm/28.7″


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8 - YCC80606554_20180606031622366


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L (Large), M (Medium), S (Small), XL (Extra Large), XXL (Extra Large)


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